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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kitchen Makeover

Our New Kitchen!

I love white kitchens. I sigh with envy every time I catch a glimpse of someone's bright, white coastal kitchen. This was the original kitchen  with its' peachy walls, orange stained oak cabinetry and the old laminate flooring.

Phase 1

The next owners did a quick reno before putting the place on the market: red walls, ceramic tile (which thankfully was half decent) and funky tiger striped granite - all in all, it was just sensory overload for me.

Phase 2

I didn't like it. At all. Not one bit. But I lived with it for a whole year before tackling it because I was only gonna do it once!

Phase 2
Before we got started, we gave ourselves a budget and then made a list of what had to go and what had to stay. Red walls: gone. Cream doors and trim: gone. White fridge and microwave: stay (would love to see stainless here but realistically it wasn't gonna happen, sigh). Light oak cupboards: adios! The granite, while not something I would ever choose myself had to stay, after all granite is granite :o) The biggest and hardest decision was what colour for the cabinetry. While I dreamt of a white kitchen, it just wasn't going to work with the wild granite.

While searching for inspiration, I happened upon Layla and Kevin's kitchen at The Lettered Cottage: a rich black informal kitchen that had me swooning for something other than white!
Despite a surprising amount of opposition ("it is a depressing colour", "your kitchen will be so dark" etc. etc.) we went right ahead and did it anyways!

For someone who thrives on order and cleanliness the main hub of our home was a disaster for over a month. Trying to keep little hands and kitty paws alike out of the open doors and drawers was nearly impossible and I swear I was going nutty!

Makeover in progress

And while we still have a ways to go (fella number three's arrival slowed down the painting just a tad), I am loving the new space. It feels more sophisticated and in keeping with the rest of our home and decor.  A couple of red accents here and there to soften up the space a little and a coat of paint on the folding doors it'll be finished; I can't wait, I can't wait!

Phase 3

Phase 3
What a difference just changing out the red walls and cabinetry colour made! Here's hoping that something here inspired you...


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