Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Napkin Rings from Jute Webbing

While out shopping with my sisters this past weekend I spied some jute webbing.  Normally you would use this stuff in upholstery projects because it has a nice strong, tight weave to it.  While it was intended for upholstery, I thought it would be perfect for making handmade napkin rings.  

Now maybe this isn't a new idea (I never looked around to check) but I like the idea of using webbing for napkin rings rather than burlap because it has nice finished edges which makes for a neater and longer lasting finished piece.

These four napkin rings cost me about $4.50 total to make.  I bought a meter of  jute webbing for a dollar and generous sized buttons for $6.80 (I really liked the green so I bought two of them).  With a 50% off coupon I did really well!      

I cut the webbing into 7.5" long pieces then folded each piece in half and sewed a hem about 1" in from the edge.   Using these measurements you get 5 napkin rings (almost 6) out of a meter of webbing.  Just play with the numbers a little to get the sixth one :o)

This is what it looked like before turning it right side out - actually some I even kept this way because I liked the way it looked!

Before I added the buttons I decided to "sew" them with black embroidery thread (all 6 strings).  I did this because I thought that sewing them in place after I had made the napkin ring would be a little awkward.  It worked out well for me because I got perfect "button stitches" and only had to concern myself with quick (i.e., imperfect) stitches to keep them in place.

Add in some linen cloth napkins and voila, you are finished!  As you can see, some of the rings I made have the button on the seam which I thought looked neat while some are on the plain side of the ring.  It really is a personal choice but I liked the combination of the two together so that is what I went with.

I love easy projects like these because it really does mean that I can accomplish something while the little guys are at school and the baby is sleeping :o)

- Kristin -

PS You will notice the natural smell of the jute, but airing it outside will help.


  1. Very nice! You can break these out the next time your house guests return! ;)

  2. I can't wait to make these! SO cute! I am so excited that I found your blog! I am excited to follow!

  3. I love the different color napkins. That is really cute.


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