Thursday, January 20, 2011

IKEA Coffee Table Makeover

I love making over an old piece.  It gives it new life, new potential and in doing so, can totally change the look of a space.  Take for example this old pine IKEA coffee table.  When we first bought it, we used it as a coffee table.  Really.  It held decorating magazines, displayed a nice vignette or two and was a safe place to put your coffee down. 

Then kids happened and the coffee table suddenly took on a new, more dented identity.  Put in the playroom, it started sporting some impressive battle scars … none the least of which were the monster truck demolitions that would take place on it – the small HotWheels cars being pummeled with the massive metal Tonka dump truck, you know the one… 

The picture below does not do justice to the depth and breadth of the scratches, dents and punishment this IKEA coffee table suffered at the hands of those two little fellas :o)


Oh my.
Since moving into a “new” home, our old furniture is in the process of finding their way back into their rightful places.  Since I knew that this old IKEA coffee table was headed back upstairs to our sunroom, I knew that I needed to give it a fresh start; and what better way that with a coat of fresh white paint. 

First I sanded it down, then sprayed on a quick coat of Rust-oleum’s Espresso on all the edges and ledge trim.  

After it dried I applied one coat of primer.  This is sometimes where I wonder if I am doing the right thing because it looks so awful!  

After two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White in eggshell, I distressed it with a heavy grit sanding block and this is what I ended up with:


... a purposefully distressed finish!  

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  1. that turned out great... love the color and the distressed look

  2. How clever of you to use spray paint on just the edges for your first coat! Turned out great!!

  3. Kristin - You have inspired me! Bravo for making new life of a still useful piece and to do it so beautifully. I'm on hunt now for anything with 'battle scars' to paint up white.

  4. Looks great Kristin! I have always loved that table at Ikea!

  5. That looks great! Where are you spray painting... in the winter... in Ottawa?
    I need this magic secret!

  6. Agh, you caught me! .... dare I say I snuck down to the basement one evening ... nobody played down there for a couple of days until I was sure that the smell had evaporated :o) Totally envious of those out there who can spray paint at will all year round with no lasting effects!

  7. That table looks FABULOUS!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, A Home Made by Kiki. I am your newest follower...going to check out the rest of your blog now!

  8. Great job. I did something similar for the hallway =D

    I can't wait to see what you do next. I'm now your newest follower and I'd love to have you follow me too


  9. Kristin,

    I have this very same coffee table and have been thinking of doing this very same technique. Did the primer take nicely (especially over top of the rustoleum spray paint)?
    It looks awesome and I can't wait to get started on mine!
    Thank you once again for your inspiration!


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  11. We have this coffee table. Our children have also made many, many dents in it. It's the favourite playing place, despite our attempts to reclaim it as adult space.

    My in-laws are returning to Canada after living in England for a few years and when they asked if we wanted the coffee table I said "Just the top". Hot Wheels and Thomas trains have not been kind to ours.

    I love how yours turned out. Enjoy the new loveliness!

  12. Kids scratch things up but these things don't last forever anyways. They is going to be wear and tour to everything.


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