Friday, December 18, 2009

Easy Kid's Christmas Thank You Card

Who wouldn't want to open their mail to find this cute, personalized thank you snowman card?

Writing thank you notes to relatives after Christmas is something we have always done, and I feel it's important. If someone has taken the time to send you something, you take the time to say thank you. This year, I wanted the little guys to get involved and I think these snowman cards are perfect! Even older kids will enjoy colouring the snowman themselves and adding sparkles for snow. Make it a reindeer or santa instead; the possibilities are endless!

If I remember correctly, Stampin' Up has a stamp like this, but it is very easy to draw a snowman and write a brief message in his tummy. I made sure to include lines for the little guys to fill in themselves, then I scanned and printed two snowmen per 8 1/2" sheet of 110 lb white card stock. Even with the slight border after cutting, they fit easily into a letter sized envelope. Using a coloured envelope would add a nice punch of colour too!

If you decide to use sparkles or glitter, it is best to do them after the kids have written their messages because glitter and printers don't seem to like each other very much (I learned the hard way...).

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  1. This is super cute! I think we will be using this tomorrow.
    Thanks for the idea!


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