Monday, December 21, 2009

Old Table Refinishing #1

This is my "new" dining table which I absolutely love (even in its' current state). What makes it even more special is that it belonged to my great-grandfather, so it is a piece of family history - yay me! Trying to convince my significant other that "it is special" is another matter however. He sees what is right in front of him and not "the vision" that is in MY head.

I love mixing the old with the new, thus the black leather parsons chairs with the old style table. I certainly won't convince most people that it works together, but I have given up on the "let's please everyone" and focused on the "if I like it, then it works!" mantra.

The leaves are currently being stripped of their layers and layers of varnish and I am still trying to figure out how to get out the green blotch of dye out on the far corner as sanding it would mean taking up too much of the table surface there. My other dilemma is whether it should be painted or not. I love the natural wood look, but it has seen MANY better days and the loads of varnish that have built up on the legs would take hours and hours to remove ... so here it sits, waiting that "moment" of inspiration that really needs to come quickly as we are hosting 22 people for Christmas dinner in a few days! Yikes! More pictures to come soon!

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