Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Easy Baby Receiving Blankets

Yesterday my mom and I got together to sew up some receiving blankets.  We like to send them as part of relief packages to orphanages in other countries such as Haiti, to local shelters, and as part of hamper projects through different organizations.  They make an easy outreach project (and the sewing is minimal)!

How To:
  • We had the fabric cut in meter long pieces (receiving blankets have to be BIG in my humble opinion), then washed and dried it all to allow for shrinkage.  
  • Then we ironed the fabric while folding over the edges (twice) to form a nice crisp hem.  
  • After sewing the hems using a straight stitch, we folded the finished blankets then tied them individually with raffia and attached a little tag labeled with "Baby Receiving Blanket" - this just adds a nice personal touch.  

These blankets never take long and it is a great way for my mom and I to spend time together, not to mention that participating in giving itself is very rewarding and humbling.

- Kristin -


  1. What a great thing to do...I was just thinking about this same very thing just yesterday as it is something I would like to do too...
    Have a Blessed day

  2. Thanks because I didn't know how to finish the edges on mine! they would get all wavy and streched out.


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