Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cute IKEA Candles

These IKEA candles are now a cute addition to a gift for my niece and they only took a few minutes to pull together.  It just goes to show that sometimes inexpensive items can be tweaked a little to make them special and personal :o) 

I picked up a couple of these candles from IKEA a few days ago for a $1.99 each.  They smell amazing, but the packaging was a little bland - a glass container with a large, unattractive sticker on it (sorry IKEA but they had to go) and a plastic fitted top.  Yeah, not really working for me.  

I picked up some clear backed letter stickers at Walmart for next to nothing and thought they would be perfect for these candles. 
There were two holes in the top of the plastic lid which were the perfect size for threading a length of pink polka dot ribbon through ... and I finished it off by tying a small bow.     

Since these candles are part of a little girl's gift the ribbon makes a nice, fun addition.  I added the words "luv u" and "QT" (aka cutie) to the outside of the glass and voila ... 

... a simple and cute way to dress up an inexpensive and yummy smelling candle!

I love how they turned out so I think I'll pick up a few more - maybe I'll try just threading the ribbon through the holes and trimming the ends for a more sophisticated and tailored look, or perhaps twine might be neat too?  Boy, if you had a Cricut or Silhouette you'd be all set - the whole etched glass thing would be very cool!  

- Kristin -

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  1. Neat idea... you could also do a monogram.

  2. I have these candles RIGHT NOW. I'm totally going to do this with some fun spring words. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm your newest follower.

  3. These are darling. What a simple clever idea!!!

  4. So cute. I love thos Ikea candles and the empty glass holders are great when the wax is out of them. Great gift idea!

  5. Very clever! I'll have to look for these next time I'm at Ikea.
    Your blog is looking great! Love your new picture!

  6. Cute touch! Simple but captivating

  7. 5 minutes ago, I had this exact candle in my hand trying some crafty ideas out...love yours...

  8. Your post sucks. Mines better! ..lol. Just kidding.
    Just getting into this blogging thing myself, though I don't think anyone actually reads my posts. Does it come easier with time?

    Take a look at my blog post ... Texas Mom


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