Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Profile: Amy Adele

I am always on the lookout for fun stationery and when I found Amy Adele's website I was very impressed!  She specializes in children's stationery, invitations, labels and announcements.  Her artwork is cute, colorful and captures childhood perfectly!  Amy Adele's website was launched in 2004 at the request of family and friends.   

"I was just a mom to two sweet girls who loved to draw ... I never imagined God would lead us on this adventure. However, I am thankful my art has been a part of so many lives. We are excited ... and look forward to what’s in store for the coming years."

I spent what seemed like forever, pooring over page after page of awesome designs ... as you know I have an affinity for boy stuff (since I have three little guys of my own) and know a few little guys who would be all over these:

My little niece might just see some of these pieces come her way - I'm in love with the cowboy boots ...

Of course Amy Adele offers stuff for the grown ups too, like wedding announcements and calling cards (which is a great idea!).

Courtesy of Amy Adele, I ordered a set of note cards and address labels to review on my blog.  Out of so many cute designs I finally chose the Cruisin stationery and the Rocket address labels:  

I had fun customizing the stationery and labels with different fonts and my kids' names.  When the packaged arrived I was pleasantly surprised as even the littlest of details had been attended to (I'm all into nice packaging!).

The cards were wrapped in a bright green bag and tied (I did remove the customized names):

A hand addressed thank you note for my order was included along with a re-order reminder card, and the labels were sealed in a plastic sleeve.  Loves!

It was interesting to learn that all of Amy's stationery is printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper - even the peanut stuffing in the parcel is environmentally friendly being derived from cornstarch which makes them bio-degradable.  

The cardstock, though recycled is a brilliant white and it has a nice weight to it.  I also love that the envelopes have the rectangular flap on the back and not the traditional triangle, but hey, I'm into details like that :o)

Amy Adele often has promotional sales on, and right now they are offering 50% off their best selling stationery and invitations!  Take a moment to sign up for their newsletter and you'll automatically receive 20% off.  It is definitely worth a visit :o)

- Kristin -

All opinions are my own. 
All cards/labels and their images are copyrighted and courtesy of Amy Adele.

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  1. Kristin, those are great, thanks for sharing! - but I think you could do just as good a job yourself!
    Let me know when you start hiring ;)


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