Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crochet Dishcloths

My aunt has been knitting dishcloths for years; when you visit, you get to raid her collection (I love that!). She has often told me that she finds knitting dishcloths very relaxing; a quick project that you can finish in one sitting. She loves to give them away as gifts and as a part of hostess baskets that she puts together.

When I first recieved some handmade dishcloths, I must admit that I wasn't completely sold on them. Once I started using them, however, I never looked back. I love the fact that they are "green" and can have multiple lives as dishcloths and rags. To sanitize them simply poor boiling water on them at night (though you still have to wash them too). In my house, we use the handmade dishcloths for hand washing and J Cloths (I like the yellow ones as they are more cheery) for the counters and tables.

For Christmas this year, I wanted to include a handmade item with each gift. So invariably, I thought of my aunt's stash of dishcloths and decided to make my own. As I am not a crocheter (is that a word?) I produced at least 4 or 5 dishcloths that I can guarantee you, will never see the light of day (oh, they were horribly distorted, I have to admit). Once I happened upon the "perfect pattern" I found my groove, you could say.

Of all the patterns for dishcloths that I tried, I liked this simple one the best, which you can find here. I modified the pattern slightly because I prefer a smaller hand washing cloth. I also found that I prefer dishcloths made from 100% cotton, so I used Bernat's 4 ply worsted weight cotton yarn which comes in a rainbow of solid and mixed colours. When gifting them, I like to fold them in quarters and tie them together with rafia.

If you try this pattern, let me know how you like it ... or better yet, let me know about your favourite dishcloth patterns! Send pics too!

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  1. Beautiful! I love this pattern too - I'm glad it was a blessing to you :-) Thanks for the link!



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