Monday, February 22, 2010

Pirate Treasure Map

The little fellas are really into pirates right now and of course everything is about buried treasure ... so to take with them on their adventures, we had a fun time this weekend making treasure maps. They had very definite ideas of what they wanted on their maps -lots of shark infested waters was a must as well as sea monsters and a big, big ship!

These treasure maps are so easy to make and it sure brought back memories from grade school. For this map, we used a black Sharpie marker and red pencil crayon. The tea bath I did just for a couple of hours (having torn the edges and crumpled it first) and I placed tea bags right on top of the map to give it the different colour intensities.

Anyways, the "pirates" were really pleased with their maps (lots of whispering and building of rafts) ... their only concern now is that mommy knows where their buried treasure is....

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