Friday, January 14, 2011

Drop Cloth Pillows / Table Runner and Doors

I was blessed with a couple of hours to myself yesterday; a rareity for sure!  I took that time to whip up a couple of pillows and a table runner that I have been meaning to do for some time.

So this:

Became this:

I was excited to try sewing with drop cloths (the pseudo stand in for the antique grain sacks which cost an arm and a leg).  I paired it with some old country stripes for a really casual look.  Definitely a fan of the drop cloths as they they have a nice texture to them and were so easy to sew!  I made the table runner reversible 'cause I have a tendency to get board of things rather quickly when it comes to my everyday table setting :o)

Just so you know though, they will never be wrinkle free, but again that just gives character to the piece.  I think if I have time today, I will try acrylic paint on the drop cloths to imitate those old grain sacks like I have seen done here at Musings from a French Cottage.

I was also very excited to see these:

These are two of the five doors that are destined for the new playroom we are building in the basement (the reveal soon!).  I know they don't match what is upstairs already (as you can see from the closet doors in the picture), but I wanted something a little different and think they will work.  We have bought black knobs and hinges to give them a bit more of a rustic look.


  1. Those pillows are fab and can I say I love those doors!! Great choice!

  2. Well, I had to click follow because I love your name and I love the fact that you love pink tools :)
    OK...your blog and ideas and work are pretty awesome too!
    Thanks for your visit, so glad you stopped by!
    Take care


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