Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pink Tools - I Love 'Em!

 When I left home for university, my dad gave me a big hug then handed me a tool box; his way of letting me know that while I would always be his little girl, I was going to have to take care of myself.  I was moving 8 hours away and couldn't just call him anymore to hang a picture or replace a broken hinge.

Being on my own encouraged me to try things I wouldn't have otherwise, and little did I know that buried deep within me was a love for tools! Over the past few years, I have added to my tool box and have amased quite a collection.  My most recent purchase being a Mitre Saw which I used for adding the chair rail in the Nursery (all by myself, I might add).  Yes, I'm proud ... what can I say?!

This Christmas, my little fellas surprised me with some pink tools and it was love at first sight!

I'd seen the Extreme Home Makeover show several times and I was aware that there were such things as pink hardhats etc., but it wasn't until recently that the guys found a few pink tools at Home Depot (like the multi-tipped screwdriver).  For basic stuff those multi-tipped screwdrivers are the best!

They picked up the Moxie Trades pink tool belt from Home Hardware.  The hammer, level and tape measure in my kit were ordered online from Tomboy Tools  and I very impressed with the quality of them.  My husband also included the Tomboy Tools catalogue (probably a big mistake) so now I am dreaming about adding to my pink tool collection. I can hear him sigh in my head as I type this :o)

Here are some of the Tomboy Tools that caught my eye:

The Gardening Set :

 The Caulking Set:

The Step Stool Kit:

The 8V Impact Driver: 
 The Pink Caddy to carry/store it all in:

I think it is just a little more fun using pink tools; they just make me smile (simple, I know). I also know that my pink tools will never be used by anyone else in this house, or go missing for that matter.  There is no one else here who will use them (being a house full of guys) 'cause as my 3 year old says: "Ew, pink is for girls!"  Gee, he is only 3 and he is labeling already.

For all those little boys of yours out there, check out this cute post on a  DIY Boy's Tool Belt made out of a canvas grocery bag.


  1. Those make me smile too! Thanx for the sweet comment and new follow!:)

  2. Hi Kristin

    What a cute tool set. Looks like a good quality too.

    Thanks for your comment on our blog. Nice to meet another Canadian blogger.


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