Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Cake Decorating Results

On a whim, my sister and I decided that we would like to learn how to decorate cakes.  We signed ourselves up for the Wilton Cake Decorating classes offered at Michaels.  We ended up doing Level I and Level II in the series and we LOVED it!    We learned tons of little tidbits along the way, things that I have come to rely on when making even the most basic of cakes.

For each class we were to bring a cake, already iced and ready to decorate.  It soon became pretty clear that we couldn't continue with the "bring a cake" thing.  Between the two of us, we were bringing home two decorated cakes each week.  Finding enough people to eat these practice cakes was beginning to get really tough (while they tasted great, we all just got tired of eating cake)!  

Our solution was to bring two iced upside down 8" round pans to class - they looked exactly like cake and no one was the wiser ... no more cakes to bake/eat/giveaway/freeze - perfect!

Our final cake for the Level I class was to make this daisy cake with the bow.  While we don't totally dig the bow, it was a pretty good copy of the cake we had been assigned.

For the Level II class (which was much more fun and challenging), our final project was to construct a two-tiered cake of our own design.  My sister and I were really taken with those "jester" styled cakes we were seeing everywhere and thought that we would try our own version.  It ended up being a lot more structured than the jester ones, but we really excited to reveal our latest masterpiece.

We even went as far as making our own fondant icing which really is easy and tastes SO much better than the bought stuff because you make it out of marshmallows (I'll post the recipe soon)!  The trickiest part is the rolling out, because it has to be super smooth.

Our close friend has since decided that we are to make her wedding cake.  Oh. My.  We thought that she was just joking at first, but it turns out she is dead serious and won't hear of us not doing it.  Her wedding is a low key affair and informal and she is not in the least bit concerned about the possibility of failure, after all, she told us, there is always COSTCO.

I'm positive that we can do better than COSTCO ... just watch us!  Stay tuned for the wedding cake reveal :o)

- Kristin -


  1. I am so impressed, you're cakes turned out beautiful! Like you've been doing them for years! I've always wanted to sign up for one of those classes at Micheal's.....you just gave me the inspiration to do it!
    Thanks, Jamie

  2. Wow y'all did an awesome job!!! I attempted cake decorating geez almost 10 years ago and lets just say that will never be blogged abt!;)

  3. Good job girl, you and your sister did an AWESOME job.

    I've never taken any formal classes, it sounds like fun. I'm sure I would learn plenty of neat little tricks, that I never knew.

    I've been decorating cakes practically my whole life, but who knows if I actually do anything properly, lol.




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