Friday, March 4, 2011

5 Easy Steps to the Perfect Mom Cave - Part 2

Like many of you out there, I want an inspirational space where I can be creative, find relaxation and escape the hum-drum of everyday life as a mother to 3 young boys, i.e. my very own Mom Cave.

So, for my Mom Cave I am going to follow the steps I mentioned in my post 5 Easy Steps to the Perfect Mom Cave and see how things go.  I love making lists and planning my space in this way has really helped me focus (and made the project a more realistic endeavor).

Step 1: Carve Out Your Space

We are currently building a playroom for the boys in the basement.  It was easy to see where the room could be sectioned off to provide a small space for my Mom Cave.  My vision is to be able to craft, sew, paint and be creative while the kids play ... not sure exactly if this play out in reality, but I can always dream :o)

Step 2: Seperate Your Space

I am lucky enough that I will be able to separate my Mom Cave off from the playroom with doors.  We already had doors chosen for the playroom, so we will have to go back to HD and get two more.  They look something like the one pictured below only they have beadboard in the two raised panels.  I plan to paint them Benjamin Moore's Oxford White.

Since I love crisp white paired with black, I'm definitely going to pick up some black hardware (knobs and hinges) for the doors.  

Step 3: Colour, Colour, Colour

Since this is MY space, I want something with a pop of colour for the walls, something totally unexpected for me, and I'm leaning towards this from BM:

Typically I am a monocromatic type of gal - I like black, white, brown or beige.  Those are my comfort colours.  For this room however, I think that a bolder colour that takes me out of my comfort zone will be a good/creative thing.  It is a small space so if I end up not liking it, it isn't too hard to change.  I think that white will be the accent colour with small hints of black ... there is only one small window, so I have to keep things light.

Step 4: The Comfort Factor

One of the things I am going to do with this space is play around with textures.  You know, ruffle pillows, geometric patterns, cozy throws, and definitely a white chair or couch.  I feel confident that I can maintain the white since this room is to be off limits to the boys.  This sofa chair by IKEA would be perfect, but I'll probably have to find something a bit more economical.

Step 5:  Add Personality

With a bold wall colour I think that I need to focus on creating an open airy look to the space.   I love the glass table top from IKEA as a desktop - it has LOVE written all over it in different languages thus it qualifies as very girly so it is a "yes" in my book.

Since storage will be at a premium, I think that two of these drawer sets, one under each end of the glass top would be perfect.  These drawers slide easily and provide the necessary space for all my pens, stamps etc.

For the chair I am considering the Tobias chair from IKEA - again in keep the space light; I just wish it could swivel :o)

I have already picked out two artwork pieces for the room (like the one at the top of this post).  Normally I would insist on doing my own, but I have so many other projects on the go right now that when I found these at Home Sense I just knew I had to have them.

That leaves shelving and lighting to consider- two important aspects of any crafty space.  I love those painted buffet/hutch ideas because you get decorative and functional storage in one.  A side table for the chair and a second hand chandelier painted white to top it all off might just make it my perfect Mom Cave!

Any recommendations for the rest of the walls?  Have you any experience with vinyl wall art?  I'm still at a loss here...

 - Kristin - 


  1. You made it into the finals at Saturday Mornings! Come check it out!

  2. So funny! I just realized we are taking on the same project... cheers to the momcave!

    As for suggestions for the rest of the walls - I do like those vinyl stickers - and that blackboard vinyl you were talking about the other day has so many possibilities!

  3. I just stumbled on your blog and I love it....New follower.

  4. Hi I was recently looking for that same table from ikea, but have not been able to get the name for it to search on their site. Would you possibly have the store name for that table top. If so can you please email me at Thank you! :)


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