Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monster Tooth Pillow

My little boy is growing up - yesterday he lost his first tooth.  Sniff.  So, I whipped up a little monster tooth pillow for him.  His mouth "eats" teeth and "spits" out the Tooth Fairy's "money." Love it!  

I have limited skills when it comes to sewing so this project rates first class in my book for easy! He turned out very cute (in a monster-ish sort of way) and my little guy was impressed (which is what really counts).  The monster is quirky no doubt, so I played that up by using different size buttons for the eyes and putting one off center: 

I also used drop cloth for the body of the pillow.  Yes, I love drop cloths and I am always trying to find new ways to use them :o)  The drop cloth worked well for this project, that is if you aren't particular about having perfectly pointed corners.  

If you want a little monster tooth pillow for yourself (actually for your kids) you can find the one page download and instructions for this guy at Ellen Luckett Baker's The Long Thread. Hers is of course, very professional looking, but I always like to put my own twist on things.  

I'm probably dating myself when I say this, but when I was little we had a "special" Holly Hobby pillow case that had a little tiny pocket on the side, used only when the Tooth Fairy came to visit.  I remember being SO excited!

What was your pillow/tradition?

- Kristin -


  1. That is fantastic. Consider it stolen for my own little man, when the time comes. ;)

    I can't remember anything besides wrapping the tooth in tissue and sticking it under my pillow...

  2. Oh, Kristin, you are so crafty! Being a dental hygienist, this tooth is especially cute to me. I love it!

  3. Adorable! I love it! We never did anything special. Just stuck our tooth in an envelope, under our pillow, and there'd be money in it the next morning. Think I'll have to make a couple of these for my boys!
    I'm a new follower =0)

  4. Looks great Kristin! I can't believe your baby is losing his teeth already!

  5. this is so cute, my kids would love it :)


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