Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little Love ... Pretty Please?!?

So I am hoping you can take 30 seconds to vote for me, or uh, my drop cloth ruffle pillow that is ...

This little pillow has a life of its' own now ... I have seen it floating here and there around blogland lately and it makes me smile - I am truly flattered and humbled.

My pillow is now a finalist for best March 2011 submission over at the Saturday Mornings.  Voting is once/day until April 1st.  Just click the button below to get to the voting box (I am 6th from the bottom).

There is a prize of course (a custom button to display, a chance to do a feature post in April, a $25 gift card to CSN and a prize pack) which is all very well and good, but I am most keen on the fact that I am actually a finalist in something!  Un. Heard. Of.!

So, please take a moment to show a little love 'cause you know I would do the same for you!

- Kristin -


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