Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's On My Reading List this Month

I have always been an avid reader.  I was reading on my own by the time I was three and embrace the title of "bookworm" wholeheartedly!  I majored in English in university which meant many years of reading upwards of five books/novels a week.  The hardest one I ever read was Ulysses and once was enough!  Being an English major meant you had to read quickly and thoroughly because discussions and presentations happened daily and you had to be prepared.  Needless to say I learned to read FAST!  

After my university days, I found that reading was no longer something that was relaxing or enjoyable and I had to take a break from it.  It was about a year before I picked up a novel just for the pure enjoyment of reading.  These days I usually have two or three books on the go as I love to follow more than one story at a time and it is for this reason my library card is pretty worn :o)  I'm a nerd, what can I say?!

These are the books that I'm reading right now:

Parting Gifts
A Gate at the Stairs
In Praise of Wolves
My Life as an Experiment
The Poacher's Son
The Holy Thief
City of Veils
Tales of a Female Nomad

I'll give the low down on my favs next month and let you know what I think is worth giving a go ... What are you reading/enjoying and would you recommend it?   If so, I'd love to hear about it!

Hope you are having a great day!

- Kristin - 


  1. I just finished Room by Emma Donoghue - if you haven't already checked it out it's worth a read!

  2. How did we English majors survive and have a social life? I gave up reading for pleasure for Lent this year and it's really made me miss it!!

  3. I second the recommendation of Room. Definitely worth reading.


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