Thursday, April 21, 2011

Airplane Terminal on a Box

This morning I spent time with the boys drawing an airport for them on the inside of a moving box.  I often do this ... draw train tracks and roads so that the boys have something different to run their cars and airplanes on rather than just the standard road carpets.  

It costs nothing to make and the boys love being the "designers" of the layout themselves.  I sit there with a Sharpie marker while they tell me where to put the different pieces.  I just knew my drawing skills would come in handy one day :o)

This was the road/train "carpet" we made a few weeks ago:  

The guys don't care if the lines aren't perfect or if the tracks are crooked and they enjoy coloring and adding additional details to them too like the airplane my six year old added:

Yeah, the coloring occupies them "constructively" for a while which is always a good thing in my book.  I think that I might do up big pirate one next ... they'd LOVE that!  I'll make sure to show you when I do :o)

- Kristin - 


  1. What a cute always :) When my little guy gets a little bigger I'll have to do this for him.

  2. Hi there, fellow Canadian blogger! Amy K over at Chestnut Tree Lane told me to check you out. I could use your drawing skills. I am impressed! I'm a new blogger. Would love to have you stop by sometime if you get a chance! Have a good Easter!


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