Friday, May 6, 2011

Devine Cookie Cake

This Cookie Cake has to be one of the most delicious cakes there is!  The combination of chocolate and whipped cream is always heavenly and it is the only cake my sisters and I choose as our birthday cakes. 

If you have never tried making one, you should because it is extremely simple and makes a lovely (if not intriguing) presentation when served. The best cookies to use are Mr. Christie's chocolate wafers which I think are good enough to eat on their own, but I try to refrain because I would rather eat them as cake.  

Whip up some real whipped cream (yes, the real stuff ... no cool whip or cans 'cause this is a treat and only real will do) using icing sugar for a smooth consistency and clear vanilla to add some flavor.  Smooth the whipped cream on the flat side of each wafer and stack.  It doesn't have to be perfect, just get enough whipped cream on to cover the cookie :o)

Once you have a small tower, lay it flat on your serving tray.  Repeat until you have used all of the chocolate wafers.  

Once you have your wafer logs in place (I used two boxes - one for each cake) cover them with whipped cream until no chocolate is peeking through.

This cake is best made in the morning and served in the evening.  That gives the whipping cream time to soften the thin chocolate wafers.  When you slice your cookie cake, make sure to cut it on a sharp angle which displays the many chocolate layers.  


- Kristin -


  1. This looks and sounds just divine! I'm making my grocery list and hope my market has Mrs. Christies cookies so I can try this recipe this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. these look divine! where can those cookies be purchased?

  3. That looks so good! I've never heard of this before.. will have to try!

  4. I make this all the time. If people don't know how the "sausage" is made, it blows them away how delicious it is. They think you worked all night on it.

  5. The cookie cake is something I start eating and can't stop. I love cookies and I love cake. Combined will I'm going nuts in heaven.

  6. Where do you get thr cookies from? Thanks


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